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extraordinary mobile prescribing experience

We’re on a journey of love, care, sharing, and innovation

We bring peace of mind to your prescribing and therapeutic experience with unique and novel wearables technologies. Give you more flexibility and time to grow your business and enjoy your healthy life. We are always one step ahead and come up with unique solutions to make teletherapy easier for caregivers, care providers, corporates and users.

We shape the world we want

Our goals? Take mobile therapy to the next level without compromising safe and quality.
What inspires us? People. We are entering the age of telecare, where caregivers need simple, safe, and convenient tools to deliver clients high-quality hands-on care anywhere, with the hope of more effective prevention and mitigation of chronic conditions. This way, we can get prescribed waveforms and instructions from professionals without having to visit them as often.
We know you’re feeling the same.

Our philosophy? It’s all about innovation and perseverance.

GALAPY transforms your therapy prescription and anywhere hands-on experiences into extraordinary ones.

We are dreamers, creators and doers

When our founder was unable to move around due to a broken leg, she realized how important it was to stay connected to her trusted caregiver via a safe, convenient and simple tool. In this way, she could receive “hands-on” prescriptions and instructions for recovery at home without having to travel to a clinic, as usual. Being a game-changer, she came up with an idea that would let us conduct prescribing mobile hands-on therapy without having to choose between convenience and safety, and instead, enjoy both. She turned her idea into a novel prototype and didn’t stop there. To shape the future of teletherapy, she is currently developing your next must-have mobile therapy product and service with her team.

When the idea goes live

Teletherapy is a seamless extension of outpatient visits. So, all of our wearables, mobile apps and systems bring new challenges and are the result of thousands of hours of research and development, from sketch to finished product.

The user experience is as important to us as quality and functionality

We only work with FDA and CE-accredited manufacturers and experienced developers carefully selected. Every product and service is thoughtfully crafted using the finest materials and designs. The wearables and services we deliver to caregivers, care providers, and clients worldwide only follow rigorous testing and quality controls at the development, manufacturing, and warehouse stages.

We care about you and the world we live in

We are sufferers and family carers, just like you, and we want to stay healthy and relaxed as it is. We aim to have a positive impact on the development of personalized mobile preventative care, as well as on society as a whole. Comparatively to traditional muscle stimulators or microcurrent devices, we adopt only user-friendly and all-weather designs. Every product and service we provide will stand the test of time.

We work with therapists, acupuncturists, elder care providers, corporations or e-sports teams who want to experience something new and different in teletherapy.

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